Redefining Engagement For Advertisers

Make your video advertisements a part of the user experience with Campaign Ignitor.

Monetizing your app is a key part of any successful mobile development strategy. Jinglz works to match interest and demographics with personalized engagement by providing app publishers with a powerful SDK to achieve more lucrative monetization.

Verified Views

Ensure Your Message is Seen and Heard.

Verified Views

We employ facial and audio detection by utilizing the sensors in the user's mobile device to verify that each and every ad we deliver to a mobile app is viewed from start to finish.

Rewarded Engagement

Earn Rewards You Really Want, Just For Engaging with Branded Content


Rewarded Engagement

With our rewarded engagement model we are able to incorporate gamification techniques and rewards in order to make viewing targeted mobile ads a part of a user’s experience with an app.


Play,Engage, and Win!

PlayJinglz App

The PlayJinglz app is a sweepstakes-style gaming app that rewards users for engaging with mobile advertising. Users can enter hourly contests by watching targeted video ads and each ad view is validated using our Verified Views technology.

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